saturdays at lovely’s

Me: when i’m with you i feel like i’m on vacation
You: it is a vacation
Me: i guess what's the opposite of a vacation
Me: was it ever that?
You: maybe the opposite is real life
You: it felt like that for a bit
You: even in summer
Me: “real life” is getting tricky to talk about
Me: i don’t remember the night we met as real life
You: it’s hard for me to tell which night we really met Me: like kiss met
You: car met
Me: i can’t describe how exciting it was when you kissed me
You: i’m so glad i did that
You: it wasn’t predetermined
Me: i liked that you had me roll down the window
Me: but then i had to drive away
You: so sorry i didn’t invite you to that party
You: you left your own opening
Me: to drive you
Me: you were all i could think about that night
You: i don’t remember the rest of that night
You: i remember the next morning feeling embarrassed and giddy
You: my friend didn’t know what happened in that moment until i told them later
Me: that night feels like the beginning of a dream
Me: that i haven’t woke up from
You: everytime we’re together it feels like a dream i know i’m in
You: like lucid dreaming
Me: it feels more unreal than real to me
You: i can’t remember that night as a whole
You: it comes in parts
You: other nights feel like part of that night
Me: it feels like you appear and disappear
Me: like a ghost or the morning
You: it feels like you’re everywhere
You: like you’re the air but no body
You: an idea
You: i would never had kissed you like that if i were who i was now tho
Me: lol why?
You: idk i think differently to put it shortly
Me: can you put it a little longer?
You: well maybe i would have. i think
i think of things like what would be the
next possible thing to happen after this.
back then it was very in the moment
You: but i haven’t felt so excited around someone new since then
You: it feels like thinking of an alternate universe thinking of what i would’ve done now
Me: that night feels like a moment that i didn’t realize was
such an important part of my life till looking back at it
You: it felt so genuine then
You: i remember it so innocently
You: i forgot how i got there
Me: that time, those relationships, that car doesn’t exist
You: that window Me: this window Me: it feels like i’m looking through a foggy window into these thoughts You: yeah

Chapter 1:
Saturdays at Lovely’s