saturdays at lovely’s


Tita Cicognani

Tita Cicognani

searching for a beginning,
floating in the salt water.
the structure of your presence,
your possible murderer.
and it seems memorable
to exist in two ways,
the contours of your shape
the compounds of your character.
the latter to outlive you.
to be attributed to
new publishing on prior years
new artifacts from previous eras.
Tita Cicognani

in search.
Miller Robinson, Catherine Fairbanks

you walk into your house and it doesn't look familiar
you walk into your house and it looks like
a skeleton of its structure
Miller Robinson

Miller Robinson

you walk into your house and you forgot your key
while your key looks back at you
like a magic 8 ball.
and the elephant hauling a plow during wartime.
with your heat resting above,
this home denies access
Catherine Fairbanks

Catherine Fairbanks

this memory is at fault
Catherine Fairbanks, Benjamin Turner

Benjamin Turner

this monument is plated in expensive metal
to then be removed to not have it show.
if you remember, the opulence shows
Benjamin Turner (detail)

staying awake in an attempt
to remember the last thought
you had before you fell asleep
Benjamin Turner (detail)

Benjamin Turner, Tita Cicognani

when i was younger i used to spend a lot of time at the freight yard. the most exciting part about that to me was that every
time i would go back, there would be different trains. i enjoyed the overwhelming feeling of being next to those very large
freight trains. it reminded me of when you are on an airplane and the wheels lift off the ground and that intrinsic piece of
you remains on the ground and your body is pulling away.